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Nutrition products

FitLine nutrition products PM-International will help you feel better, both young and old. The FitLine nutritional supplements are of high nutritional value and include a unique concept patented Transport Nutritional NTC®. The NTC carries nutrients where and when the body needs them.

Wellness and Health

ProShape all in 1 (All in 1). Presented powder to prepare smoothies. Equivalent to a healthy and balanced complete meal. In one product we have everything we need, so being a substitute for a perfect meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cosmetic products

The Products Cosmetics Beautyline series are also of high quality, designed to fit perfectly to your skin. Thanks to the concept of Transport Nutrition, NTC®, the perfect combination of ingredients reach the deeper layers of the skin. FitLine care Beautyline us inside and out.

Quality Certificates

Concept of Transport of Nutrients NTC®, Cologne List, Official Control Laboratory Vitamins and GMP certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice. All products are patents developed by the scientific team of PM International, which provides nutrients where and when the body needs them.



PM International products are manufactured according to the standard of the pharmaceutical industry and have the GMP certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice.